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Cresent Heights Rowhomes

Calgary, Alberta

DATE – 2016 – 2017

Located in the northeast community of Crescent Heights, this 4 unit rowhome provides a contextually relevant solution for the densification of this area. Set between mid density apartments to the south and low density, single family homes to the north, the proposed building typology provides an appropriate scalar transition for the site.

Important attention was paid to designing a project that is sensitive to its context and adjacencies. Aligning the building to the NW corner of the site and placing suite entry doors at grade ensures a strong street presence on a primary corner. The location of the building on the site also allows for a large rear yard setback and incremental stepping of the building which serves to provide outdoor spaces for residents as well as a buffer for the adjacent homeowner. The provision of backyards and 3-bedroom layouts distinctively markets these units to families, maintaining the current character of the community.

Due to the strong presence of Crescent Heights in the city, engagement with the community and councillors was a primary consideration throughout the process, integrating local feedback to create a highly appropriate intervention for this site.