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37 Street Multifamily

Calgary, Alberta

PHASE – Development Permit

FAAS has partnered with WestUrban Developments to provide two new five-storey multi-family buildings along 37th street between 26 and 28 Ave SW as part of the City of Calgary’s Main Streets initiative.  The 37 Street Multifamily development provides a mix of residential unit types with access to multiple modes of transportation, commercial, and community amenities.

The design breaks down the two blocks to create visual interest as well as comfort at a human scale. Private balconies break down the mass and add articulation while also activating the main street and courtyard. A mid-block courtyard serves to extend the public realm while providing relief along the main street and overflow amenity space. The angling of the building massing and setbacks help create a flow towards the building entries and courtyard, with additional step-downs from five to three stories to match the adjacent residential context.