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Brewery-Rail Lands Overview

Rail Trail Park:
1. Multi-use asphalt pathway 2. Canopy trees/natural grasses/rain gardens

Industrial Heritage Precinct:
1. Courtyard 2. Fish hatchery wall 3. Engine room building 4. Boiler building & Smokestack 5. Relocated grain silos
6. Administration building

Brewery Flats Park:
1. Bermed multi-use lawn 2. Naturalized rain garden 3. Multi-use pathway 4. Border of Industrial Heritage Precinct
5. Relocated historic grain silos 6. Relocated historic bison sculpture

14A St SE Greenway:

Images provided by CivicWorks.

MATCO Brewery Rail Lands

Calgary, Alberta

DATE – 2020 – 2022

FAAS partnered with CivicWorks and a multi-disciplinary team to help guide and inform the redevelopment vision for Brewery-Rail Lands.

The Brewery-Rail Lands are envisioned as an innovative, compact, livable, mixed use, and transit oriented urban development in the heart of Calgary, re-imagining the site’s industrial roots for the 21st century.

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