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D-Talks Building Iconomy

Calgary, Alberta

DATE – 2015

As part of a presentation for the D-Talks Building Iconomy series, FAAS explored the diminishing position of Lacey Court in the face of surrounding urban growth. The conceptual design vertically extrudes Lacey Court’s footprint into a Miesian tower. The extruded form adaptively integrates the existing courtyard, core block, and pavilion structures. The formal and spatial elements of Lacey Court are re-purposed to define three distinct levels of public space: the courtyard, a space that reinvigorates innate connections to the park at grade; the elevated core block that serves as circulation and as a mid-level connection with the established building height datum; and the rooftop pavilion, a space that blends the indoor and the outdoor while creating a visual link between Lacey Court and the distant coast mountains of its stylistic origins.