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Cityscape Landing

Calgary, Alberta

DATE – 2018 – 2020

Cityscape Landing is a new commercial/retail development located to the northeast of the Calgary International Airport, in the community of Stoney 3.  The project is subject to the Northeast Industrial Area Structure Plan, identified in map 3 of the Land Use ASP.  The proposed project has been designed to provide a mix of retail, commercial, office and child care facilities, providing employment opportunities and support functions to the adjacent developments.

The project has been designed to provide a strong edge condition to the public streets, with emphasis on the corners due to public visibility.  Outdoor amenity spaces are located on each of the south corners and provide strong pedestrian connection to the adjacent public sidewalks and Regional Pathway located along Metis Trail.  These amenity spaces are animated by the adjacent buildings, and are connected to a strong pedestrian circulation network with in the development.  This network is further reinforced with additional gathering spaces as well as clearly articulated amenity elements for each building.

The buildings have been designed to provide a high level of articulation with varying parapet heights, material changes, glazing patterns and proportions.  This articulation has been carried around to all elevations of the buildings, in order to fully engage both the public realm as well as the internal parking and circulation areas.

A system of bioswales for storm water management of the area has been integrated into the project, providing a sensitive manner of water management.  This system will be integrated with the outdoor amenity spaces and provides a dynamic edge between the proposed development and the public street areas.